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 "Springer Awards of 150 € each to Best Five Paper Presenters"

Calls are open

                                                                                    Call for Research Papers

ICCRCBM 2023 welcomes novel scientific research papers relevant to the themes of the conference. Submissions must be original and must not have been submitted for publication elsewhere.

Main Theme

"Climate Resilient Construction and Building Materials"



  • New generation concretes and building materials                                                                                      

  • Alternate, eco-friendly and climate resilient construction and building materials. 

  • Microstructure and durability of construction and building materials 

  • Energy efficiency in construction and building materials   

  • Advance characterization techniques for construction and building materials.

  • 3D-Concrete printing

  • Sustainability in construction project management and materials 

  • Infrastructure  resilience to natural disaster

  • Modern technology  in  construction  material for transportation application      

  • Sustainable engineering composites for rigid and flexible pavements

  • Sustainable application of green materials in optimizing structural engineering applications    

  • Structural health monitoring of long term durable structures

  • Building information modeling for geo-environmental structures   

  • Impact of environment on concrete technology

  • Sustainable advances in coatings and surface engineering for protection of infrastructure

  • Computational techniques and its application in civil engineering 

  • Innovative applications of materials in controlling landslides in adverse environmental conditions

  • Water risk management in climate Resilient construction 

  • Climate Resilient water structures

  • Climate induced changes in water and sustainable infrastructure

  • Rain water pattern dynamics on infrastructure's life in changing climate

  • Infrastructure life cycle assessment due to climate induced changes in water

  • Impact assessment of quality and quantity of water impurities on concrete properties in context of climate resilience 


  • The paper should not exceed 3000 words and it should contain an abstract of 250 words.

  • The main title should be followed by name, affiliation and address of the author(s) with e-mail and contact nos

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